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One of the doubts most cited in our technical support and that many people still do not have enough knowledge to get it right when choosing the amplifier knows the best option for your speakers.

Which module to choose for my speakers? What criteria should be taken into account?

For many, it may be a seven-headed beast to choose an amplifier that plays the speakers efficiently without oversupply or lack of power and does not bring any harm in the future. Keep calm! That choice is not even a bug, let alone seven heads.

In order to make the correct choice of the amplifier, it is only necessary to be aware of the powers and impedances of the products in question.

Let’s look at some practical examples of how to choose the amplifier, based on the power and impedance of your speakers:

With the above examples, we can get a sense of how to calculate the power and impedance of sound schemes so that we can make the most of both the amplifier and the speakers.

It is very important to note that the amplifier must always have the power closest to the total value of the speakers’ power and the final impedance must be exactly the one required by the final calculation value made on the loudspeakers. If this is followed with rigor, your sound will have the maximum expected output for the power the speakers offer. You can search out the best with now.

Choosing a beginner guitar amplifier is not an easy task. In general, the person just bought the first guitar and is in search of the ideal equipment to learn to play. It is at this time that some doubts appear in the head of the new guitarist. In this article, we will give you tips for you to make the right choice when buying a beginner guitar amplifier.

Check out what you will see below:

How much do I need to spend?


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  • Tips for good cost amp amplifiers

How much do I need to spend?

If you are going to buy your first amp, the question that is going on in your head probably is, “How much will I spend to buy an amplifier?” I would say that, on average, you will shell out $ 600 to get the new amp that is worth it.

There are market-specific amps for study. In general, they have a maximum of 30 watts of power, which is enough for you to play in your room, but it does not work right for example to do a rehearsal with your first band. These amplifiers are small; therefore they take up little space, and are also very light.


One thing that is very important when it comes to buying a beginner guitar amplifier is to make sure it comes with warranty. Like any electronic device, it is not uncommon for these devices to be defective in the first year of use.

Because the amplifiers are manufactured in series, there may be a failure in the production process of a specific batch, for example. Of course buying amps from reputable brands, the chances of this happening are smaller, but it does not cost anything to remember: make sure the equipment is guaranteed at the time of purchase.